Town of Pelham Elections

Tuesday March 12, 2019
Pelham High School

85 Marsh Road
Pelham, NH

Town Meeting elections are non-partisan, so in this spirit, we are making our recommendations according to our collective knowledge of these candidates, rather than strictly according to party affiliation. We feel confident these candidates will serve Pelham well. 

Selectmen: (2 positions)
Harold (Hal) Lynde
no 2nd endorsement

Library Trustees: (2 positions)
Carol Beland
Lynn Garcia

Budget Committee, 3-year term: (3 positions)
Jas Moorjani
WRITE IN: Eduardo Martony
WRITE IN: Kannan Sasi

Budget Committee, 1-year term: (1 position)
Dave Cate

Planning Board: (2 positions)
Cindy Kirkpatrick
Derek Steele

School Board: (2 positions)
Troy Bressette
David Wilkerson


Article 2: Eliminate future age-restricted housing developments within Pelham. 
Recommend YES

Article 3: Citizens' petition to restrict raising livestock in mixed-use district. Properties must have minimum of 3 acres and be in compliance with with best practices outlined by UNH guidelines for raising livestock.
Recommend YES

Article 4: Citizen's petition to modify property restrictions to include light industrial manufacturing in a residential zone. This petition benefits no one but this particular property owner. Additionally, there is no "commercial tax rate" in Pelham, just the standard property tax rate.
Recommend NO

Article 5: Town Operating Budget. 
Recommend YES

Article 6: 5-year collective bargaining agreement for municipal employees
Recommend YES

Article 7: State highway grant. This is money we've already paid to the state through gas tax. No brainer. 
Recommend YES

Article 8: Funding for highway dept. reserve fund to build maintenance facility.
Recommend YES

Article 9: Flood relief for Old Bridge Street (Abbott) Bridge. Adapting to climate change. Because it's real.
Recommend YES

Article 10: Library renovation. We support the library (and librarians); however, we could not agree on the merits of this particular renovation. We invite members to check out the plan: Open houses are scheduled for Feb. 21, 6pm, and March 3, 1pm. 
No Position 

Articles 11 - 15: Conservation articles
Recommend YES

Article 16: Establish water utility district to bring water service to area of town impacted by MBTE contamination. Water District to be managed by 5-member Water Commission to be appointed by Board of Selectmen. 
Recommend YES


Article 1: School operating budget
Recommend YES

Article 2: Collective Bargaining Agreement with Pelham Education Association to approve increases in salaries and benefits to Pelham public school teachers. Pelham teacher salaries are currently significantly lower than surrounding towns. As a result, Pelham is losing its experienced teachers at an alarming rate. If we want quality public schools in Pelham, we must support our teachers.
Recommend YES

Article 3: Establish Building and Grounds Renovation and Improvement Capital Reserve Fund. 
Recommend YES

Article 4: Easement to Town of Pelham for Willow Street Bridge for purposes of maintenance.
Recommend YES