Meet The Democrats

Sabina Chen, Chair

Sabina Chen is an 8-year resident of Pelham, a small business owner, and mother of two children, ages 7 and 2. She is a veteran community organizer who believes in the power of potlucks and storytelling. 

“I did a fair amount of canvassing for the 2012 and 2016 election cycles and I spoke to many of my Pelham neighbors who care about climate change, strong public education, affordable quality health care for all. There are more Democrats in this town than one might think. Time to get connected and build our community, not just during an election year.”

Heather Forde, Vice Chair

Heather is an illustrator & designer who moved town 5 years ago with her family.  She moved here to ensure that her children would enjoy both the benefits of a small rural community while still being close enough to enjoy the cultural and urban events that they enjoyed during their time in Quincy.  
She spent 5 years teaching at a public high school in Massachusetts, where she worked with kids in the classroom, on the fields and track, and wherever else they could drag her, including, but not limited to Mt. Wachusett to lead weekluy snowboarding trips.
She leans left politically, but has always been a strong advocate for sane voiced from both sides of the aisle, in the interest of keeping the country grounded.  She recently became significantly more involved as the political climate began to lose its last remaining traces of civilty.  She is committed to working to ensure a return to civic responsibility, common sense, and equal oppurtunities for all.
"We either find a way to move forward together, or we won't go anywhere at all."

Robert S. Sherman, Treasurer

Robert has been deeply involved in the Pelham community in several posts for years.  He has served, at one time or another, as President of Pelham Baseball, President of Pelham Parkway and Recreation Committee, and has sat on the budget committee since the 1990's.  He has coached a myriad of sports in town and has only just recently retired from an illustrious career teaching social studies in nearby Nashua, where he lead the teachers' union for 45 years.
Robert continues to serve the community today, and is passionate about preserving the outdoor spaces in town and ensuring that the recreation areas and programs remain the quality programs they have always been, by retaining and maintaining local control over our community and its resources.

Meg Bressette, Secretary

Profile to follow.
Totally worth the wait.